Hunters are reminded that access to Capital Power's private land is a privilege and to use respect at all times. Pick up and pack out ALL garbage and spent shells, and refrain from cleaning birds at release properties. We rely on hunters' respect for the resource and enjoyment of the Provincial Pheasant Release Program to keep the sites open.

Failure to use respect by leaving garbage behind will result in the closure of the Capital Power Pheasant Release Site.

Please note the revised eastern boundary in NW-16-50-3-W5 for the 2022 hunting season.

All hunters must register for a new pheasant hunting permit every year prior to hunting on the Capital Power Pheasant Release Site. Permits are valid for access to this site from September 1st to November 30th of the year issued.

Each member of a hunting party must register independently. 

For security purposes all hunters must display their permit number and associated QR code face up on the dashboard of the vehicle parked at the site during their hunt.  Your permit number and QR code can be accessed by clicking the “View” or “Download” button for your permit.

This site is private property owned by Capital Power.  Anyone accessing this site without a permit, or outside of the above dates, will be charged with Trespassing.  Capital Power has generously agreed to provide these lands as a Pheasant Release Site for Albertans to enjoy.  Please use respect when accessing this, and all other pheasant release sites in the province.

Hunters are encouraged to wear blaze orange when hunting at pheasant release sites across the province. Wearing blaze orange helps to keep you and your dog safe. It also allows other hunters to see you so they can do their best to give you the space you need to enjoy your hunt.

This permit is valid for pheasant hunting only. For information regarding waterfowl or big game hunting on Capital Power lands, please visit Hunting For Tomorrow.